Physical Geology

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Charles C. Plummer - Diane H. Carlson - David McCeary McGraw-Hill 2007
Physics - Geology - Petroleum
Eleventh Edition 652 English United States

In this book you will find: Introducing geology, the essentials of plate tectonics. Atoms, Elements and minerals. Igneous rocks, intrusive activity and the origin of igneous rocks. Volcanism and extrusive rocks. Weathering and soil. Sediment and sedimentary rocks. Metamorphism, metamorphic rocks and hydrothermal rocks. Time and geology. Mass wasting. Streams and floods. Ground water. Glaciers and glaciation. Desert and wind action. Waves, beaches and Coasts. Geologic structure. Earthquakes. Earth's interior and geophysical properties. The sea floor. Plate tectonics. Mountain belts and the continental crust. geologic resources. The earth's Companions.

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